Prepping your car for the winter months is one of the best things you'll do this fall. If you think about it, an unprepared car in winter weather is a big safety concern. And if you're interested in getting a good handle on what you need to do before the snow falls and the weather gets really cold, take a look at these tips. They'll help you get a better handle on what you need to do and what's your top concern when it comes to being prepared in Kennewick.

Battery Service

If you're going to have problems with your battery, the winter is one of the most common times you might experience them. Having your battery checked before you need a replacement could save you the trouble of getting caught out in a parking lot without a way to start your car when it's dark outside and cold.

Preparing Your Brakes

Your brakes are your most important safety device, especially as the roads begin to get slippery. Worn-out rotors and brake pads are the most common fix that you'll need to do, but you might also need to replace the brake fluid or get a number of other repairs done on your brakes. One of the most common signs that you need work on your brakes is a squeaking sound whenever you put your foot on the brakes. It's always best to get it taken care of sooner rather than later so that you can avoid larger repairs near Pasco.

Proper Tires for Your Mitsubishi

Having a set of tires on your vehicle that will grip the road is especially important in the wintertime. Some people even switch over to a pair of tires specially designed for winter to know that they won't get stuck in deep snow. Even if you use a set of all-season tires, you need to check to make sure that your set has enough tread, and you need to ensure that they're properly inflated.

You can bring your vehicle into our dealership near Richland to have us take a look at your tread and replace them when necessary. You can also check them yourself with a penny. If you can see Lincoln's head, it's time to take your vehicle in for a new set of tires. Getting them rotated regularly will also help extend the life of your tires.

Replace Your Filters

Having your filters replaced regularly can help extend the life of the parts in your car. Your mechanic should be looking at them whenever you get your oil changed, but ask about them the next time you're in for any service so make sure that all of yours are clean and in working order.

Wipers and Windshield Fluid

Winter is a time of the year when you're more likely to notice that your windshield is dirty. Having a set of wiper blades that work is super important during this time of year. Unfortunately, the colder weather also makes it more likely that older blades will crack. Get blades that are beginning to feel stiff replaced now. You should also top off the windshield fluid to avoid running out when you need it the most.

What to Keep in Your Car During Winter Travel

When you're driving in the Kennewick area in the winter, have some things in your car so that you can take care of common problems. For instance, stock your car with water and snacks if you run into problems and are stranded for a couple of hours. Having some blankets, chemical-activated hand warmers, and other things to stay warm is also important. Reflective cones and jumper cables can also be useful.

Visit Leskovar Mitsubishi to Learn More

Use these tips to get ready for the coming winter season, and talk to our team at Leskovar Mitsubishi in Kennewick if you need any more advice on what you should do for your vehicle. We look forward to working with you soon!

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