Leskovar Mitsubishi provides drivers with a total dealership experience. We not only have vehicle, but our service center is here to meet all your vehicle needs. In particular, a common need for all are tire sales and service. We give you both and for those in Kennewick and Pasco, you're invited to come through and have all your tire needs met with us!

Tire care keeps you out on the road and allows you to enjoy a smoother ride. All the services are covered here and we can't wait to begin with you if you're in need of any tire services.

One we always recommend is getting a tire rotation. This should be done at least once a year, but it's better for regular drivers to have it done every six months. This helps make sure that your tire tread wear is evenly distributed so it prevents significant and rapid wear. Tires in different positions take on different traction and pressure. Making sure this is done will keep your tread and tires lasting longer, plus riding on tires with poor tread is a safety hazard to you and others as they will not perform in bad weather, or have diminished stopping power.

You can also swap out tires for each season. If you're choosing to use winter tires in the colder months, which is always a good idea if you're in our area, this also helps keep both sets of tires lasting longer. It also has benefits because winter tires give you more traction and control in snow and wet weather. When you're done with the tires for the season, we'll install your summer tires back on as well. These of course will be place in another position to help keep your tires lasting as long as possible.

If your tires are worn down, we are able to sell you new ones. We carry all types of tires be it regular tires for cars, trucks and SUVs, winter tires, sports tires, off-road tires for trucks, and from many leading brands. We're here to guide you through what to pick if you're looking to go off the beaten path and have the right grip, or provide you with the exact tire size for your tire for any make and model. WE’LL talk pricing and all choices so you get the exact fit.

Everything you need for your tires is right here at the Leskovar Mitsubishi and if you're ready to learn more, come through and see us. We are always happy to discuss the many ways the right tires can provide you with a better driving experience. We are tire experts and are able to provide all types of advice for drivers seeking the best options available. Contact us today and we can start the process soon!

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