If you're looking to sell your vehicle and want a convenient experience when doing so, we'll buy your car from you. For those in Kennewick and Pasco, you're invited in to get the process started as we'll buy or you can trade in and see it's a smooth experience which gets you the money you want or value you can apply to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle at the dealership!

The process for either selling your car to us or using it as a trade is the same. You can utilize our online quick quote tool which is free, or bring your vehicle to the dealership for a free estimate. These are no obligation tools which means you don't have to sell to us nor do you have to buy from us if you use them. What we will need is basic vehicle information, and to the best of your abilities, fill out the online form to get the most accurate estimate for your current ride's worth. Then, you can bring it to the dealership to get final verification and an offer from us. From there, you're able to decide what you'd like to do. If you want to sell to us, you can and we'll finalize the paperwork and get you a check for your vehicle. If you choose to trade, we can then showcase both new Mitsubishi models like the Outlander and Outlander Sport, along with many quality used cars and SUVs and apply the trade-in value to your final purchase price.

Both methods have their benefits. When you sell to us, you're able to get the money you desire for your vehicle in short order and in a hassle-free environment. The time you save and the money you get is one that will allow you to think about the ways you can use it. You're not around your computer or on your phone all day getting messages and calls about your vehicle's availability and trying to determine who is a serious buyer or not when you make your own private listings online or in the marketplace. This also allows us to buy the vehicle and add to our used car lineup or find a good home for your current vehicle, so it is mutually beneficial as well.

When you trade in, of course you're able to get savings on the final purchase or lease cost. A trade can take down a few payments and secure you a better car loan rate. That has a lot of benefit and is very common as well. We also will take vehicles at trade, and for some we will sell in our used vehicle lineup to help drivers who wish to save too.

Whether you want to sell your vehicle or use it toward an upgrade, we're here to help. At Leskovar Mitsubishi you can contact us to learn more and get started on trading in your vehicle or selling it to us. We'd be happy to help and assist you every step of the way.

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